The Will Writing Company Limited went into Administration on the 14th of February 2018, which is being managed by Begbies-Traynor. Subsequent to the Administration various assets of The Will Writing Company Limited were acquired by Deedbank (document storage) Limited

The Will Writing Company

Welcome to Deedbank (document storage) Limited . We are the only official providers of on-going service and support for clients of The Will Writing Company Limited. Warning. Please be wary of any other firm or person purporting to represent The Will Writing Company Limited as they may be holding your data illegally and could be in breach of the Data Protection Act and GDPR principles.

What about my documents stored with The Will Writing Company?

Deedbank (document storage) Limited have provided the secure document storage service to clients of The Will Writing Company for over twenty years, and will continue to do so. These documents are your property and can continue to be held by Deedbank until they are actually needed, or they can be released to you at any time upon request, subject to production of the customary identity checks, address verification, and a document release fee/postage and handling.

What about my Family Trust?

The Family Trust Corporation Limited continues under new ownership and new management. The Family Trust Corporation manages assets in excess of £500 million pounds, for more than 6,000 private individuals. These assets are held securely under the strict terms of the trust deeds for the benefit of the named beneficiaries. Please use the details below to contact The Family Trust Corporation.